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How to make money with Instimage?

So you take beautiful pictures? Do you want to make money selling them? We can help.

Instimage works two ways.
1. You can go the “traditional” route, browsing quests, looking for the ones that interest you, snap some photos and upload them up.
2. Snap some great pictures, create quests matching the description of your photos, and upload them to your own quests!
If they’re interesting, the Internet will find them, and users will buy them!

What are you waiting for? Start something great!

Deactivating a Quest

Justin, our first successful quest owner, asked us on our Facebook page how to disable a quest on Instimage.

We released the quest deactivation feature on July 03. Really, nothing could be easier!

1. Login
2. Click the “Created” tab in your member home page
3. Locate your quest and click “Deactivate”

Deactivate your quest

Deactivating an Instimage Quest

What’s more, you can reactivate it at any time using the same process! Quest on, friends!