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New Feature Alert: Quest Notifications

If you’ve recently posted quests on Instimage you will be first to know it hasn’t been easy to keep track of new photo submissions for your quests.
While we love it when you come back and visit us often we love one thing more: To make your life as simple as WE possibly can. No, we won’t pay your electrical bills or take your exams in your stead, but we’ll give you one less reason to keep an Instimage tab open to keep a tab on Instimage (oh, the pun!).
We could have gone gung-ho à la Facebook/Google+ and send you a mail notification for every event related to you on Instimage.com, as it happens, every annoying time, but we did not. Why would we do that!? We have respect.
Instead, we made it painless: If one (or more) of your quests has new entries you will receive one email that day, for each day that it happens.
Say you have 2 quests with a total of 10 new entries for that day, still one email only!
No new photos on your quests? No new email.
You call it love, and so do we. But see, we don’t just love, we love with a passion!
Some of us don’t like to receive even one email a day on those days.
Cool with Instimage, we understand, I’m people too, you know!
Since we’re here to help, we made it so that you can switch from daily to weekly to monthly to never!
1 email a week, or 1 email a month is still helpful.

Now remember, if no new entries are posted on your quests it means zero email notifications, no matter the interval you set.

We have defaulted the feature to notify once a day if you have new entries on your quests. If you wish to change the interval just login and go to “My Account”, then update the “Notifications Interval” (displayed below)

notification intervals setting

notification intervals setting

Thank you for reading and following Instimage, your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.