New Features, New Quests

As my good friend Alain (who by the way is a wonderful photographer) once said: “When YOU talk I DO listen!”
Listen we did. Many of you asked for a distinction to be made between Popular vs. New Quests on Instimage. You got it! Done.
Starting today, you have two tabs making that distinction: “Popular Quests”, and “New Quests”.

There are two more points I’d like to make, so bear with me for a little while longer please!

First, I would like to single out Eddy Dejesus and Nathaly Calle, two seasoned artists who have been posting both quests and photos on Instimage. Their photo work is gorgeous and definitely worth a visit! Congrats to both of you guys, I hope you make big bucks – and that Instimage contributes to your prosperity!

Lastly, I would like to thank Yohann Taieb (who has released an excellent free eBook on mobile marketing by the way!) for his amazing work on our first iteration of ***DRUM ROLLS****   The Instimage iOS App! Woot!

A new iOS app, some new web features, more quests, more photos… join the fun!



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